Update on the Regulation Governing the Entities

For more than 10 years, Entité 2 and the five other French Language Health Planning Entities across the province have been collaborating as the Regroupement des Entités de planification des services de santé en français (Regroupement des Entités).
The Regroupement des Entités has been working closely with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Long-Term Care, the Ministry of Francophone Affairs, Ontario Health and the newly created Ontario Health Teams.
As part of the ongoing health system transformation, in November 2019, the Regroupement des Entités submitted a series of recommendations to the Ontario Government regarding updating the regulation governing Ontario’s French Language Health Planning Entities.
On March 9, 2020 the Ministry of Health opened a public consultation on a new regulation regarding the role of French Language Health Planning Entities.
Although the newly drafted regulation did not reflect all the recommendations put forth by the Regroupement des Entités, the Minister of Health proposed using administrative means to address the issues and priorities raised by the Regroupement des Entités.
In response, the Regroupement des Entités is recommending the establishment of a working group with a mandate to carry out the work proposed in the Minister’s letter.
We will continue to provide updates as our work continues.

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