We build relationships with our key partners.

In addition to working closely with the HHNB and WW LHINs as well as Ontario’s five other Entities, Entité2 has built relationships with a large number of community organizations and regional and provincial partners.

Entité2 continuously reaches out to all partners and explores innovative approaches and engagement opportunities while developing new initiatives and partnerships. Entité2’s ultimate goal is to reach the entire Francophone community in all its diversity.

How to get involved?

Our partners are the key to reaching the entire French-speaking community.

As part of its mandate and work plan, Entité2 is open to taking part in a variety of projects that support the advancement of French language health services or improve Entité2’s visibility among community members. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about your projects.

Whether you are active in the education, community development, immigration or seniors’ services sectors, take advantage of every opportunity to partner with Entité2 to increase the impact of your message.

We maintain a list of partners and stakeholders. Sometimes we call on our partners to help us get a message out into the community and sometimes we help our partners broadcast their messages. Make sure you are on the list!