Highlights of our 2021 Annual General Meeting

New Chair and Two New Directors on the Board Entité 2 Following the French-Language Health Planning Entity’s eleventh Annual General Meeting held on September 21, 2021, please find our press release and other supportive documents in the links below: Press Release 2020-21

The mandate of the Entities has been renewed

The mandate of the French language health planning Entities has been renewed until December 5, 2022. Please read the declaration of the Regroupement des Entités.

Update on Home and Community Care

As part of the Ontario government’s plan to modernize home and community care services, the Regroupement of French Language Health Planning Entities has developed a series of recommendations aimed at safeguarding access to quality home and community care in French

Update on the Regulation Governing the Entities

For more than 10 years, Entité 2 and the five other French Language Health Planning Entities across the province have been collaborating as the Regroupement des Entités de planification des services de santé en français (Regroupement des Entités). The Regroupement